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Just got my Patriot Xporter XT

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Picked up the 8GB for 32$ shipped from Canada Computers. Needed more space after the 1GB I paid almost $80 way back when. The performance is exceptional for the price as well.

Quite fast
Waterproof and Shockproof
Includes USB extender
Lifetime warranty
Quite chunky (About twice as thick as regular USB drives due to the waterproof and shock absorbing rubber)

Overall very impressed and looking forward to using this drive.

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Originally Posted by MCBrown.CA
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Yep, I have two 4GB XPorters, they are great flash drives.

One has survived going through the washing machine and the dryer and still works 100%!

Good to know

I've lost two iPods and a cell to the washer/dryer combo.

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