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Just Got My Q6600 to 3GHz Below Stock Volts

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I will be posting a screen shot in a moment but I just got my Q6600 installed and was able to get it stable at 3GHz with 1.264v and the chip has a VID of 1.275

I wonder how high I will be able to get this chip!
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Haha that's the same VID as mine cept mines a E6750 + the same volts i am @ for 3.4GHz. Very nice.
Nice! Mine also has a VID of 1.275V and I've got it running 3.024GHz (8 hour Linpack stable!) at stock voltage.
Got the same VID as you too, I think. Mine is 1.2875. I got to 3.0GHz there at stock volts pretty easy too. But for some reason, I had to go to 1.35V for 3.4GHz, opposed to 3.3GHz on 1.3V.
sick! another golden chip on ocn.....

my q9450 runs at 3.0-3.6 under stock volts.......but once I go from there it won't stay stable......Find your sweet spot!! mine was 3.6...and I definitely didn't expect that to happen. Read my sig for my new 24/7...you will probably see somewhat of the same results, just be patient...and remember to take your time..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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