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just got photoshop CS4, need some help..

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hey I haven't been on this forum in a loonng time, so updated my computer info and ****.

Anyways, i jsut got photoshop CS4 so i can learn to use it to professionally edit my drawings that i scan off, the problem is is that I just don't know where to find a decent tutorial to show me how to do this. I wanna be able to scan off a pencil drawn sketch and edit it into fully finished drawing.

anyone got any help?
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You can do something after you scan in a pencil sketch? I was always under the impression that since it's pencil, and already a medium that is "outside" of the digital Photoshop world, you couldn't really improve upon it.

EDIT: Holy bovine, I decided to not be lazy and check out the link above this post...wow, the power of Photoshop still manages to impress me!

Originally Posted by redalert
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try looking there

NICE! thanks man, i found this awesome site here http://www.farlowstudios.com/content/view/14/28/ it guides me through every step and has a wicked guide to digitally ink my drawings.


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You looking for something like this?


this ones also a nice one too for colouring my drawings, thanks!
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