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Just installed new EVGA mobo and Intel cpu

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finished installing an evga 780i SLI mobo and Intel E8400 cpu.
wolfdale, E0 stepping. all settings are stock at the moment. i'll probably start oc'ing next week. going Intel was part of the plan first AMD then put that in my other pc then Intel for my gameing pc. i'll do another cpu upgrade for both mid next year. i'm considering a Q9550 or Q9650 and a phenom for the other. price drops and the stepping are definite factors. i'll change my sig later just in case this has an early death.
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Are you looking for information on overclocking?
I think he's just saying that he has them...
I think he is looking for opinions on the cpu upgrade?
i'm just saying i have them at the moment. i'll be reviewing the info in these threads to educate myself so if necessary i'll can ask questions when the going gets tough at some point ( i'm pretty sure it will ). i have been reading it on and off while i was pushing my first setup.

thanks for asking
Good choice on Mobo, if you need any help Oc'ing the 8400 ( i have an 8500, they are close enough) feel free to drop me a PM
I have the same mobo and it overclocks great. I have yet to have any problems except for the deadly but very fixable NVGTS.SYS BSOD. You will never look back with this board
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just figured out how to get screenshots ? of my oc on my new mobo and proc. p95 sm ftt 12+ hrs, p95 blend 12+hrs. i stopped them myself both times, i just couldent listen to the fans anymore. i ran all of the SuperPI tests one after the other.

someday i'll learn how to edit my posts.

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Your e8400 E0 needs 1.34v to run at 4.0ghz? That's pretty high.

Originally Posted by br3nd064
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Your e8400 E0 needs 1.34v to run at 4.0ghz? That's pretty high.

He's right, did you tried running with a lower Vcore?, mine has a vid of 1.2500 and will do 4.0 with 1.3v.

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I agree at the monent my vcore is too high. this weekend i'll start to drop i a couple steps at a time. i'm not sure how low i'll be able to get it but i'd really like to see it a lot lower. i just don't want to listen to the fans any more right now, i just can't take it right now, i need to start sleeping again lol
If the fans bother you that much, I'd just put the machine in sleep mode. It uses very little power, but still starts up very fast.
I do use sleep mode, but oddly enough its asleep when i'm awake and when i'm asleep i'm stress testing it. to answer the earler question i was testing it at 1.350v but i stopped it at 3 hours and i don't know why. newly developed old habits die hard.

i actually dropped vcore to 1.3375 and i'm testing it now, i figured i'd do it while i'm awake for a change.
That cpu should only need 1.25v or lower to run 4.0ghz.My E8600 only needed 1.1875v.The E0 dont need lots of voltage,my E8500 C0 needs 1.375v to run 4.25ghz
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It shouldn't need that much voltage. My e8500 C0 can do 4.0ghz at 1.28v.
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