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Just Ordered An Asus VW266H!

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Anybody have experience with it?. I am gonna be running it with my LG as Well. I got it for $249 Shipped!!!

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It's an excelent monitor! I have it myself and I simply just love it. Good and bright, smooth colors, good responce time. Works really nice for gaming, working, movies in regular and HD formats. Shows a nice and smooth image in all cases.

To cut is short, I really don't have anything to complain about on this monitor in comparison to earlier monitors I've had.

Spent quite some time choosing the monitor for my sig build, compared screens of different size and brands like Azer, Samsung and Dell among some few others in a couple of local stores. And this screen is the gold winner in my eyes, best preformance at a really good price. Imo it beats a lot of monitors in the same size range at significantly higher prices. You really get good bang for your bucks. I myself is considering ordering a second one!

Damn, $249 shipped is a really good price!

Anyways, you won't regret buying this monitor - and to others considering this monitor I can strongly recommend it. Works flawless.
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in addition, the mir makes it a great purchase. i'm looking to get one from newegg.ca too
I have 2 of these. They are great monitors indeed. Only slight negative would be the viewing angle, I don't think it's as advertised. Maybe it's because of the size of it, but there is a difference as compared to my 22" Samsung 226BW. Everything else is great.
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