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System specs,

780i sli ftw
3x gtx 280
8 gigz gskill 1066 gaming ram
lianli pcp80 case
BIX460 dedicated to gpus
BIS140 dedicated to cpu

I decided not to cool the mobo, and put couple of fans on the pretty large heatsink that covers the nb and sb as well as the mosfets, its a one piece heatsink for all 3, and stretches out across almost the entire board.

Anyways, yeah , my temps on cpu went down about 10c. Right now running small ftt ,after 15 minutes im at 46 42 46 44. I havent OC'd it yet, but I think I have plenty of headroom.

Oh and most importantly, I took out the 8xultra kaze 120mm, 47 DB fans and replaced them with 4 1800rpm noiseblockers. Finally some peace and quite. I can also clean the radiator without huge hassle since theyre working in pull. I will just use some compressed air on the the rad without any dismantling.

Im using the lianli 140mm rooftop fan directly on the 140mm blackice.

Im quite happy with everything atm. 600 mm of black ice heheh.

I wish I could post some pictures but for some reason it keeps failing.

EDIT and one question.. Any big disadvantages to keeping the mobo passive cooling sinks? I was too lazy to put in the other waterblock on the northbridge, which would mean I have to put heatsinks on the mosfets and a flatfansink on the sb. No way am I doing that. But is there any huge disadvantages, like in terms of overclocking potential or anything else.
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