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Just put in my 720...

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...and apparently it's a 940.

But anyhow, just popped this in (10 minutes ago) so we'll see where this adventure goes.

Oh, and it's 0904, but on my board I don't expect 4 cores.
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Where do you get its a 940, thats the socket. CPU-z sees it as a phenom II
Ah yes, I looked at it too quickly.

Alright, after throwing the board on ACC auto I realized I haven't updated to the newest bios as it forced me to clear my CMOS.
Well initial impressions say I'm going to like this chip very much. ATM I'm running at 3.5ghz (15.5 x 225.8, my board always runs the reference clock just a tiny bit faster then you set it) on stock volts. I passed 5 min of OCCT, I'll run it all night once I'm satisfied with the settings of course, but I'm still impressed as my 8750 would BSOD on me sometimes at 3.1. I can show a screenie but will need help with the validator. I save the validation file, but can then never find it where I've supposedly saved it. Which step am I missing?

Edit: oh and to give props to my Dark Knight it never broke 32 degrees.
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