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Just started folding..

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Just a few questions...

I know Nvidia cards fold better, but is ~2700PPD with a 511 and ~3700PPD with a 477 bad for a 4850? It's overclocked to 730MHz core clock/1050 MHz Memory clock.

Also, I'm using the basic client for my CPU, should I use the SMP one? I'm worried about it slowing down my computer, since I am still using it while folding...
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What nVidia card are you referring to? 3700ppd is good for an ATI card.

For SMP, you can run 1 instance on your quad and it won't slow you down, just make sure you set the affinity to "low".
Oh, sorry, may have worded that wrong.

I meant to say that I know that Nvidia GPUs are generally better for folding. I have an ATI HD4850.

EDIT: I think I misread your post too.. Hah..

I guess I'll start using SMP after this WU is done.
That sounds about right. I'm getting about 3k pdd on my oc'd 4830.
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