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.....and I feel like I just committed adultery on my AMD wife.
Seriously though, I haven't had Nvidia cards since sli'ing two GTX260's years ago. Had been an AMD guy ever since the 5870 came out. I never had any issues with AMD cards or their drivers ever, so it wasn't an issue of performance. I just wanted to try something different.

However, the main crutch was my price-point, which was $170 or less. I know that's scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as trying to find a quality 2GB card to game at 1080p with. And I know the obligatory "if you only spend $xx more you can have xxxx card" advice I would receive if I asked, but my price-point was dead firm. In other words: I'm stubborn and wouldn't budge anyway.

I always buy new products, never used, refurbished, etc. However, the only newer models around that price are the HD7770 cards and those just seemed too 'beginner' for my needs. Also, the only 2GB cards in that range were 550 Ti's and HD6850's.

So, I just bought a refurbished Zotac GTX 560 2GB ZT-50709-10M. Only cost me $147 (w/ coupon code) shipped from Geeks.com. I couldn't find anything else even close to that price. I looked everywhere to, even on here. Also, the 90-day warranty is better than zero days compared to buying one off eBay. I hope the refurb is of good quality.

Now I can disable my on-board gpu and oc my Llano. Partaaaay. Thanks for having me in the Nvidia forum.

Should I use the 296.10 whql or the 301.24 beta driver?
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