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Just trying to iron something out about SLI/CF

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I just wanted to clear something up that has always been bugging me... Im sure someone has a quick answer for me..

With SLI/CF, will you have any performance gain whatsoever.. on a system that plays games that are not coded for multi-gpu set ups ? I was wondering if there is any software/driver feature that splits the load in some cases... or if that doesn't exist because the overhead/latency problems of trying to do that on the fly with some of these intensive games these days...

I don't play any new age FPS games like crysis.. just old school FPS occasionally and newer mmorpgs... the games I currently play don't support multi-gpu... also im running a 22" samsung @ 1680x1050... I've always felt that a single powerful GPU was a better solution for me.. just making sure I haven't missed anything new..
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Single powerful GPUs are still considered the better route unless you have an appetite for massive amounts of AA/AF and huge monitors that would make your 22" look like a toy. In general if a game doesn't have an SLI/CF profile in the driver you'll have to wait until the nvidia/ati release a profile for it (that's assuming they do).

You can try and force different multi GPU rendering methods on a game but you're unlikely to gain much. To finish off your motherboard does not support SLI and it's not recommended for CF either because of the way the lanes get split (16x/4x).
If you already have a mutli GPU setup via ATi (CrossfireX), there is a tool that was just released, that forces CrossfireX compatibility. You might want to check it out:

However, if the game is not coded for multi-gpu setups, and you have a mutli-cpu setup, no, you will not see any performance increase between one and two cards.
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