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Just upgraded RAM and my computer lost over 400 MHZ???

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I just added a 512 stick of DDR 400mhz pc3200 corsair RAM to my already existing two sticks of 256 each of the same exact ddr ram from corsair. I ran a benchmark on 3dmark03 and I lost over 2000 points and upon further inspection it says my athlon xp 3000+ is running at a whopping 1.7 ghz. ***!! Im not an expert by any means on this subject, but I thought if you upgraded ram yer computer was supposed to run faster, not lose over 400 MHZ in proccessing power. Please help!

A7N8X-Deluxe Asus motherboard
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By adding a 3rd stick you lost the DC effect. Your best config is 2x512s DC (Dual Channel)
On the CPU, WOW, no idea why that happened. It should not have!!! Check the FSB (Front Side Buss) setting for the CPU in your BIOS. It should be 200Mhz which dubbles to an actual 400Mhz. See if it is 166Mhz... something don't add up.
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