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Kaspersky Internet Suite 2010

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I recently upgraded my KIS 2009 to the new 2010 version for free since i have a subscription and since then it seems like it's really slowed my computer down... Starting Apps, opening files and folders... Just wondering how big of a resource hog KIS 2010 is? If so... should i switch?
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Definitely. Switch to Avast, you won't even notice it's there except for the occasional, "Virus Database has been updated", announcement. You can even get rid of that though if you want. Avast + Windows Defender is all you need.
I don't really know anything about Avast... I was thinking about Avira or NOD32... I need a whole security suite though so i'll have firewall and stuff... and i have Windows Defender.
I suggest Avira, I've been using the Premium Edition for about a year now, I love it. SO light.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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