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Keep Q9550 or upgrade to Q9650?

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I have a Q9550 right now, its running at 3.8Ghz, I'm thinking of grabbing a Q9650 and sell the Q9550 to make up the difference. I can probably hit 4Ghz on the Q9650. Should I do it or just wait until I get more money for a i7/9 build?
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definitely just save your green and wait to upgrade to a 1366 (i7/i9) platform when they get just a bit cheaper. IMO a q9650 just simply does not have a big enough performance increase / OC potential increase to really justify replacing a q9550.

also aside from that it costs more than an i7 920, which is clearly a better cpu (despite being on a more expensive platform)

just wait it out, your q9550 at 3.8 still kicks plenty of arse
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Why can't your Q9550 get to 4ghz? Its not likely that a Q9650 will be able to either. Unless your mobo can't reach that FSB for the Q9550.
no worth the money, you will get a 200mhz increase in clock speed if anything. Save up the leo( AMD 6 core) or gulftown/bloomfield. Or just sell your current hardware you and go i5
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My mobo can't reach any higher...i guess its cause I'm running 4 sticks, but then again it hasn't been able to gone past 450fsb with just 2 either. It's an old board. But yea, thanks for all the advice I'll just wait for i7/9.
Short answer: NO.
You'd just be wasting lots of cash on a severely GPU limited rig. A 3.8GHz Q9550 is still kickass.
Bottom line: Since you have a limited budget, forget about ANY CPU upgrades for the time being and save up for a new video card.
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Without a doubt you should keep that...see what's new in 2011 i'd say...
If you are going to drop any money do it on a P45 based board or a new video card.

A Gigabyte or ASUS P45 based board would get you to 4GHz and give you PCIe 2.0 compatibility.
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