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Keep SSD and 2x500 CB in raid 0 or..

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It's a real pain, imo, and i don't think the SSD is that much faster than the 2 drives in raid 0, so i have been considering, sending it back, and just getting 2 more 500's since they're uber cheap, and having 4 caviar blue in raid 0. Good? bad?
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Well...it would be a lot easier just to keep a silent, compact, low heat, single hard drive inside my computer rather than having 2 hard drives. Personally I don't see why you'd want to go through the trouble to run 2 HD's in raid 0 if you can have a single SSD.
I really wanted to try out and see what an SSD is really like. It's *not* that much faster, than my current two drives in raid 0. maybe shaves a few seconds off everything, but that's it.
I would keep your SSD just for faster boot times/snappier OS response.
Your HD's in raid 0 wouldn't really need an upgrade to an SSD...but if you're looking for a smaller, quieter, less heat, and noise solution then the extra $ for an SSD would be a decent upgrade. But until the prices drop I don't think it would be worth it if you're already sporting a reaid 0 setup. Maybe get a 30-60GB SSD for under $100 to run your OS and primary apps...and keep a HD as your storage device. Is it possible to have a Raid 0 setup with HD's and still have an SSD?
Yeah, i already have win 7 on my vertex 2 which is 60 GB, read my sig rig specs, they're up to date. The thing is...It's really snappy and all, but, i wish it was bigger. It was $130 btw.
According to ATTO, my max read/write is 280 both ways on my SSD, while on the raid 0, it's 250,270.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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