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I'm trying to set everything up on my vertex 4 and there is a lot of stuff that I want to leave exactly as it is on my old HDD. The problems begin in that I can't get windows to transfer my settings over. When I try to do the easy transfer it tells me it can't find my domain
That means I don't have my start menu, shortcuts, program settings, etc...

When I try to run the programs by locating them manually or transferring my desktop over manually, about 70% of them have some sort of registry error. I believe because I'm running in AHCI, but that's just a guess. How do I get around that?

If the only way to solve this is to do a clone, I'll have to pick up another HDD before I can do that, so even if the alternative to cloning is complicated and long, I would prefer to hear that first.

Thanks for your help.
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