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So I am looking forward to get a new keyboard and mouse because my current one is acting up like a piece of garbage that it is.
I've looked at multiple boards, but no bueno, they all have at least one shortcoming that doesn't match up with my requirements list...
Ideally, I want:
* Mechanical, MX Brown switches (or similar to MX Brown)
* Backlit keys
* Sturdy, minimalistic frame, ideally, metallic
* Wireless
* No "gaming style" nonsense. All the jaggedy all-over-the-place stuff seems childish to me.
* Black or grey
* Price point no higher than around 130Eur

I have looked at:
* Alienware 768
* Corsair Strafe
* Corsair K70
* HyperX Allow FPS

Maybe you have some suggestions?
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