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Kinda confused what to do- Change gpus?

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I just changed my motherboard and cpu to the Formula-z and 8350 now iam wondering if I schould upgrade the gpus next/ ? iam currently running a pair of Radeon 6970s in crossfire and it seems like i get alot more fps then I did with my old mobo/cpu set-up, Iam thinking about possibly getting a pair of 7970s? What are your thoughts on this? For 1 -2 screens ive gamed on the 6970s just fine but they are getting dated so iam starting to worry a little bit!.............. Whats my best option here? I wanna get something that will last at least a few years so it might be in my best interest to wait till the 9000 series comes out? If I get a pair of 7970s or possibly even 3 of them will my 8350 and formula-z be able to push these 3 cards to there full potential? ........ Gonna be running a high resolution Eyefinity possibly 4 screens so GPU power is a must here! I also need some help in putting together a custom loop that can cool the cpu and gpus- How much approximately is the watercooling set-up going to cost me? Thank you I appricate any advice on these matters and if someone can point me in the right direction.
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Keep what you got and sweat it out till R-9s are relased. This coming from a guy with 7970s. I gamed fine on 3 monitors on BF3 with a single 6950 2GB. Just turn your settings down a little if need be, it's honestly not likely you'll see a huge visual difference anyway.
For your water cooling cost for the cpu and gpus it can vary but I would say looking to cool your cpu and 2 gpus minimum 300 if not a little bit more depending on what blocks you get.

If you get full cover block for gpus you are looking at more but if you want just a gpu block for each you can use the blocks for when you upgrade otherwise if you got a full cover block you would have to get new blocks to fit new cards.
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