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Kinda new here...

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Well, I've been on this forum for a few weeks but never stopped here to say hello, so i figured I should take care of that. I've had my computer for a little over a year. Last year, January 3, my friend and I went to Micro Center and I Bought all the parts I wanted to build my computer and we had it put together within a few hours. Hadn't had any major problems with the hardware until recently but it's all taken care of now. And i just bought an Audigy 4 sound card and 1GB of ram and the performance on my system has increased amazingly. Unfortunetly I haven't had internet hooked up to my computer so I can't really use it for gaming yet. However my brother and I convinced our dad to go ahead and get DSL. So it get's activated this Monday and we'll be all set to go. Except I need a router to connect my computer but that's no problem.
So any ways I'd like to say from everything I've seen these forums are awsome. Filled with every topic anyone could every want. Thanks to those who keep this forums up and running. A big hand for all of you.

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