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Easy to play and will challenge your strategies as well. The structures are available and you will just upgrade them to increase your gold and food. Like other games, you need to satisfy a requirement in order to recruit or train stronger characters, if you tap on the castle you will see a room in which you can upgrade the level of soldiers that you can train, just like the research function in other games.

The game itself have a regular war event, the occupational war, the union war and palladium war. The occupational war will give you a certain amount of resources if you successfully occupy a region available for scouting, while the union war is a battle against every union in the game and will give you rubies and runes that can increase your damage, defense or production. Palladium war is a different war because it is a once a month event that runs for 21 days from the beginning of the month up to the 21st day of the month.

The reward is like $100 worth of in game currency which can help you turn the tides of the game. If you have any difficulty while playing the game a lot of players are present to help you with what you dont understand. And what's good about this game is that iOS users and Android users are both in the same server and that they can interact with each other all throughout the game. By the way, if you need any Rubies, you can use the referral system, it will give you 1000 rubies, its like $2 worth of in-game currency.

All in all, the game is awesome and addictive in a unique manner! Try it if you have spare time.

I Discovered it here in this forum. This forum actually provides me a lot of information. HOT INFO. <3

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