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Kingston Hyper-X KHX3200/512

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Kingston is beginning to make me angry with 3 different types of memory with the same model name...I have KHX3200/512, there's a KHX3200A/512 and the new KHX3200LL/512...I've been reading and apprently my memory supposedly has the almighty BH-5 memory chips...can anyone confirm or deny this, because I'd really like to know so I can deicde if I should get another stick of it (assuming I can find it, it seems to be discontinued) I really don't want to take the heatspreaders off (for reason because I don't know how
) but I will if I have to
If it helps, the SPD of this module is 2-2-2-6 and was made week 27 of 03 and the serial number is 020E6A93
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They say BH-5 are nearlly impossible to find. Pop off your heat sinks to see what all you got.
The newest chips are said to be better! Like the ones in my Ballistix and the Samung in the OCZ Plat Rev 2.
BTW... I love you, like the OC brother you are

EDIT, I'm wondering if some AS5 will help heat disipation when you put em vback together.
Anyway, never removed em... warranty thing but from what I'v read, pry em off carefullly. Dont nuke my PC if you have problems getting em off
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