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Kingston Hyper-X KHX3200/512

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Kingston is beginning to make me angry with 3 different types of memory with the same model name...I have KHX3200/512, there's a KHX3200A/512 and the new KHX3200LL/512...I've been reading and apprently my memory supposedly has the almighty BH-5 memory chips...can anyone confirm or deny this, because I'd really like to know so I can deicde if I should get another stick of it (assuming I can find it, it seems to be discontinued) I really don't want to take the heatspreaders off (for reason because I don't know how
) but I will if I have to
If it helps, the SPD of this module is 2-2-2-6 and was made week 27 of 03 and the serial number is 020E6A93
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c'mon! do you people not love me or what?
someone at least tell me how to take these damned heat spreaders off...I've already voided the warranty, so I couldn't care less at this point
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