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i recently aquired the Kingston KC1000(H) 480GB, PCIe 3.0 x4 (SKC1000H/480G)

As mobo I'm using the GA-X58A-UD5 (rev. 2.0)

I want to use it to install and boot Windows 10 on it.

As some can imagine I realized very quickly that it does not simply work.
Since one week I'm not trying to find out if and how it could work but I'm just arriving all the time at dead ends.
At least dead ends for me due to my lack of knowledge of the things I'm trying to do.

What I think to have found out is that the core problem is to get NVMe support.
I've tried to get that by using DUET
created a USB according to this guide and found my personal dead end on a screen looking like this:

♪ Welcome to the EFI World!

Nothing else happening...

Than I tryied to get NVMe support via CLOVER.
Created a USB-stick with BDU and arrived at my dead end after bios booting with a simple "6_" on the screen.

Now finally my question is if it will be even possible to run the KC1000 on my X58 mobo and if yes if you see any chance that I can manage it to chieve it.

If more informations are needed jsut tell me.

Thanks very much in advance.

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Install windows on the ssd (either with clonig/migrating or any other way), then install linux (ubuntu or any other distro) for dual booting , and put the boot partition to another disk or usb stick that will always be connected to your pc. Main partition of ubuntu can be on any disk.

During booting the grub bootloader , where you select the OS you would like to boot, would be on the usb drive (or any other drive your pc can actually boot off) and should always be connected. The boot partition can be less than 1gb, so you don't even need a big usb drive.

When you select windows to boot then the ssd takes on You can make this selection automatic so windows is automatically selected as the default OS.

If you don't plan to use linux you can delete the installation to save space. The entry of booting to linux through the grub bootloader will remain but of course it won't work.

Obviously booting this way there is a 5-6 seconds delay.
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