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I am planning to buy a couple of SSDs tomorrow from staples. These two are on special.
V200 79.99
V300 89.99
And have a coupon for 20% off
Anyway just wondering if it would be a big difference between these two if connected to data 2 ports.
My SIG rig has only sata 2
My laptop however does have sata 3
Just wanted some more opinions on the difference in performance in both data but specially data 2.

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V200 Reads up to 300MB/s and Writes: up to 190MB/s
The speeds wont be noticed too much on a sata2 as that's about the max speeds you will get with the sata 2 controller, but the main point is the asynchronous nand used in the V200s.
V300 Reads up to: 450MB/s Writes: up to: 450MB/s on sata 3
not using asynchronous.
For the small difference in price it makes sense to get the 300, also better resale value.
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