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Kingwin Gladiator - ***?

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So apparently Kingwin made a "mini self-contained water cooling" thing that... well, looks like an air cooler IMO. Does anyone know how this classifies as "water cooling" or how it works for that matter? Or does anyone know someone who has used this or maybe where I can find a credible review? Well just though I'd get everyone opinion on this cooler.

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Don't get it lol. You're better off with a big typhoon or a tuniq or any half decent air cooler rather than getting that. It looks very inefficient, decent water cooling setups have radiators atleast the size of a 120mm fan.
lol. watercooling will cost you 120 bucks if you go extremely cheap. anything cheaper than that is not worth it.
guide to cheap watercooling:
theres another one but cant find it atm.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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