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Kinks in tubing...

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Hi, I'm really new to water cooling, and I bought all the parts already, and assembled everything, and there's some serious kinks in the tubing I'm using. I'm trying to watercool an Intel i7 920 on an EVGA e758-A1 mobo...I'm using 1/2" ID PVC tubing that apparently does not have anti kink stuff...I dunno where to go from here. Help!!
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Welcome to OCN, fill out your system specs so we know what you're working with. Also, it'd be nice to see what components you have, although that's not really necessary with this situation.

Any tubing has a specific radius of bend which it will allow without kinking. Obviously you've exceeded this radius with some of your bends in your current loop. All you need to do is straighten out some of the curves and you should be good to go. (Yes, I'm Mr. Obvious)

If this doesn't help, you can use regular zip-ties to make your own 'anti kink coils' Just space them about .5-1" apart and tighten them down on the curve until it stays unkinked (not too tight mind you, you don't want to cause a kink form the zip-ties themselves). If you have cheapo pvc tubing zip-ties or anti kink coils are pretty much your only solution. Sometimes even 40*C is enough to make crappy PVC tubing kink on relatively large radius bends.

You can buy some of this stuff and put it around the tubes to give it room to curve. My tubing is a great example:


You don't have to use as much as I did on the tubing, but as you can see it helps remove kinks.
sorry it took a while for me to post my system specs...so will the zip ties work as well as the coils? Also, something to keep in mind is i haven't tested this system yet-i bought it all and am just trying to get the watercooling working so i can turn it on.
just watch out for weak, spots last thing you need is a leak. I may not know much about WC but i can tell you in loops like hydraulic brakes having a leak or getting air in the loop(s) means...well you can use you imagination.
Zip-ties will work fine. They're not as clean as coils, and they're a PITA to remove if you do a bunch, but they're the same thing in the end. All coils/zip-ties do is provide support around the tubing so that it takes more force to bend the tube out of round. Either one works, it's just more likely that you have zip-ties lying around than anti-kink coils!
that's a good point...i have many zip ties leftover from everything, so i won't have to wait for that. thanks!! I was also wondering, what is the best way to have my loop-like right now I have my CPU going to my chipset, but i dont know what is the best way to go, like pump-reservoir-cpu/chipset-radiator, or what...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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