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the Kone have pretty low 'perfect control speed' (Up to that speed you have (almost) 1:1 representation of your hand/mouse movement on the screen, after that you usually get negative acceleration.

Because this neg. accel. is usually pretty random and not really predictable you loose accuracy. For example your flick shots or fast turn just won't land where you want them to if your swipes are faster than the perfect control speed.)
If your max speed movement while playing is above 1.67 / you'r high sens player and dont make fast turns so you should be ok.
you can also check your max speed movement through this software.
*credit goes to bullveyr

The Kone+ is not also perfect and have lowered 'perfect control' when moving at soft/cloth surfaces, so you SHOULD use hard surface (not really should if you high sens player).

Hope you understad what I'm talking about..since my english and explaning-skill are not the best.

good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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