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[Kotaku] BioShock: Breaking The Mold Art Book Gets Reduxed, Deluxed

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2K Games was charitable enough to issue a free-to-download art book for the original BioShock, a 60-page behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the game. Now it's back for more.

The BioShock developer is reissuing the BioShock: Breaking The Mold book with a Developer's Edition version, now a 174-page softcover book that features "new art, stories about the game's journey through its years of development, commentary from the team, an introduction by 2K Marin's Executive Producer Alyssa Finley, several new sections, and much more." That's better than the freebie some dissatisfied Big Daddy figurine recipients got.

The only potential down side? Now you have to pay for it.

In our opinion, it's not a bad deal. Just $24.99 for an 8" by 10" deluxe edition of the inside look at the first BioShock. And that includes free shipping anywhere in the world.

The online previews show a taste of the wealth of information that Breaking The Mold: Developer's Edition will pack in, should you be on the fence about a pre-order.


I'm all in for it.

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i need this nao
I'll probably pick it up. Really liked BioShock's art style, especially the architecture.
that looks really good. and free shipping anywhere in the world. might look into it.
I threw in the URL for the old free-to-download art book for the original Bioshock in case anyone didn't have it already.
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