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[Kotaku] Take-Two Still TBA on Platforms for BioShock 2, Beaterator

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Take-Two today laid out the list of games they plan to bring to stores over the course of their fiscal year, which ends this October.

Take-Two's lineup announced to date for the remainder of fiscal 2009 includes long promised Beaterator, BioShock 2, the second downloadable episode of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and Red Dead Redemption.

Here's the full break down, in their words, with missing platforms:

Title Platform
Beaterator TBA
BioShock 2 TBA
Borderlands Xbox 360, PS3, Games for Windows
Don King Boxing Wii, DS
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
Grand Theft Auto IV Second Episode Xbox 360
Mafia II Xbox 360, PS3, Games for Windows
Major League Baseball 2K9 PSP
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Downloadable Content â€" South Central Premium Upgrade Xbox 360, PS3
NBA 2K10 Multiple platforms
NHL 2K10 Multiple platforms
Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360, PS3
The BIGSâ„¢ 2 Multiple platforms
I hope Bioshock 2 comes out to PC...first Bioshock was amazing.

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YES! Mafia 2 on PC!
improved PC graphics shaders, and more awesome texture would ROCK OUT LOUD!!, for Bioshock 2 of course
I'm sure it will be out for PC X360 and PS3.
GTA 4 Ep 2, eh?

Originally Posted by Playapplepie
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GTA 4 Ep 2, eh?

I know, I found that interesting
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theres no reason for them to make bioshock 2 an exclusive like the first now. its an all-platform franchise now that its on PS3.
yeah, i'm fairly certain that x360/PS3/PC will see a release of BS2, maybe it's listed as TBA because one or more of the versions may be released outside of the fiscal year, due to delays and such (PS3 coding?)

Off topic: am i the only one who's looking forward to chinatown wars?
Borderlands is going to be awesome.

Originally Posted by Marin
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Borderlands is going to be awesome.

Totally man. The trailer looked awesome.
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