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[Kotaku] THQ Cuts Down Big Huge Games, Lets Go Two More

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Publisher THQ announced in February that it would be cutting back substantially, axing jobs and shuttering studios after losing $191.8 million last quarter. Today, we hear that developer Big Huge Games is due to close.

Sources close to the studio say that Big Huge Games, developer of the Rise of Nations series and Catan for Xbox Live Arcade, has been given notice by THQ. Official response from THQ is that the publisher informed the Timonium, Maryland-based Big Huge Games that it plans to close the studio if a buyer is not found "in the near future."

Big Huge Games is working on an unannounced Wii game and a role-playing game designed by former The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion designer Ken Rolston.

THQ also notified two other development studios that they will be "spun out as independent companies."

California based Heavy Iron in Los Angeles and Incinerator in Carlsbad were let go by the publisher today, part of THQ's previously announced cutbacks. Both studios were responsible for creating titles based on Pixar properties, including The Incredibles and Wall E from Heavy Iron and Cars from Incinerator Studios.

THQ reps call the actions "unfortunate but were necessitated by the difficult economic environment."

The publisher confirmed earlier this month that it had laid off approximately 100 employees at its Champaign, Illinois quality assurance facility.

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Aww, sorry to see Big Huge Games go.
Though they haven't really done much recently, have they? I mean, other than AoE3: Asian Dynasties, but that wasn't really "theirs"...
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It's sad to see good developers go. Like FASA studios, and others.
Wow, I loved the original Rise of Nations. Hate to see them go.
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