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KOTOR and Windows 7

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Just bought the game from steam, however when I try to launch it a black screen comes up and then it says it's not responding.

Does this game not play on Windows 7?
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I would think it does, i played it and jedi academy in win 7 flawlessly. Obvious questions first, did you update your drivers? Reboot PC after install? Try to reinstall?
Try to run it directly from the exe setting the compatibility mode to win XP
Updated graphics drivers and it worked fine.
I also just got kotor from steam. Im using win 7 build 7100 and you can see my hardware in the sig. There is absolutly no sound, no matter what i do with the settings. It also will not recognise my x-fi forte as eax compatable. Loading screens flash extremely rapidly and In the very short time ive played it ive already crashed out once, froze twice, and encountered several instances of dialog choices not responding or not properly responding. It also takes forever to load into the game, and it says it is not responding while it is loading. Does your game work properly after the driver update (as in not having all the issues ive listed) or does it simply run now?
Updated drivers to the latest WHQL and it works now. Nvidia drivers btw (ignore the ATI card in system)

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Updated drivers to the latest WHQL and it works now. Nvidia drivers btw (ignore the ATI card in system)
I'll give it a shot. Doesnt seem likely that such an old game would require me to upgrade my drivers seeing as i have the most recent previously released version but we'll see.

Did you ever get any of the sound issues before you updated? That is my biggest gripe.
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Well I'm not sure as the game didn't even start.
Well, its gotten the sound working somehow and it runs with less errors but the loading screens still flash rapidly and occasionaly crash. Its playable now though so i guess thats what matters. Thanks for the tip! Still not sure WHY it worked though
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