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Ok so i figured my sister needs a really cheap mobo for a new 939 3000+ and i have a few reasonable agp cards so ill get a cheap 939 board with agp. The cheapest i can find was the ECS KV2 Lite (not great but it will do) So i buy it online and it arrives in good time. First thing i do instead of ripping all her hardware out is to test it with everyhting resting on the box. So i set everything up and switch it on. I then get Beeeep Beeeeep Beeeeep with about 3 seconds in between each beep. I guess that i overloocked something so i check everything again and then clear the bios settings using the jumper. Same thing then happens again so I decide to reseat the bios.

Yay it boots and detects everything first time. At this point it boot BartPE and run prime95 to check stability of the board and processor. It seems to be running to i go to put something away for about 2 mins and come back and its crashed (OH DAMN). So i switch off leave for a few seconds and now whenever the power button is pushed it beeps like it did the first time I turned it on. I have cleared the bios tryed another psu one stick of ram and a stick from a friends pc and no luck. Oh and taken the cpu out and put it bak in.

Anyone got any ideas
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