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L440GX+ Server Board

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I have an L440GX+ Server Board that i am trying to get up and running can someone tell me what i am doing wrong? first i put board in case then hook up a hard drive and cd drive both on the same ide cable cd drive hooked up as secondary both drives pins are set to cable select. I hook up the power supply the users guide for board says i need (300w recommended)and i put in a linux server os cd and booted it up. It started cycling(no display) so i shut it down and pulled all the l.e.d. wires and reset sw wire but left the power sw wire. I turn it back on and i get a display "SERVER BOARD by intel" and then it goes on to say processor 1 failed, processor 2 failed, processor 2 disabled and at the bottom it says F1 to resume so i hit that it processes some stuff and then says OS not found among other things such as fix the date and time. I then shut down my computer and pulled the processors and reinserted them to make sure they were firmly in there and rebooted, the monitor light turns on but no display. What did i do and how do i fix it? my goal with this machine is to set up an nfs server or prob just run Gftp off of it and have REstore linux server installed on it. but for right now i want to install the os and i have no idea how can someone help me please thank you!
p.s. i dont know if this matters but the cd light is on all the time and if i leave it on long enough it starts blinking, is this a code or something the comp is trying to tell me?
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How could this go unanswered for so long? Bump for this guy.

It sounds like a motherboard problem right off the bat, but its not a guarantee. Did you try different RAM?

Also I don't believe you can have a Optical drive and HDD on the same IDE cable.
I registered just to say this because I found a machine with one of these in a computer recycling place recently and decided to play with it and ran into the same thing. It was driving me crazy. This thread is years old but just in case anyone else ever finds this. I had added a sata raid card but the rest of the symptoms were the same. In desperation I had tried removing the extra raid and installing onto an old ide drive like the op was.

Update the bios and then disable the on board raid controller. Intel has the bios update on its page for the mobo. I hope this works for you too.
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