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L4D in 3D (+other games)

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3D Left 4 Dead? For free? Oh yeah, here's how
Posted by: Dragon in Games, That's just cool


Jump to: The hack info or The faq or Where to get 3d Glasses or ATI users! or Video and Screenshots

Everything old is new again!

First thing's first, what you'll need:

Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit or XP 32-bit. This will not work on XP 64-bit because there is no stereo drivers for that OS
Nvidia 8xxx series or later
Free superbowl 3d glasses
Left 4 Dead

You will need to install some Nvidia drivers first.

1. Install 181.22 For XP ver 181.20
2. Reboot
3. Install Nvidia 3d Stereoscopic drivers 181.25 For Vista x64 (210MB) For XP ver 91.31
4. Execute this registry hack or for Windows XP

What the hack does:

First it enables the use of colored 3d glasses (AKA anaglyph)
Next, it changes from the default red/cyan lenses to the superbowl colorcode yellow/blue lenses, or red/blue or red/green.
And finally, it enables the 3d Stereo drivers.

if you want red/blue glasses, use this
for red/green glasses, use this
to switch back to yellow/blue use this

5. Enter the nvidia control panel and enable the steroscopic settings in the stereo tab.

Start Left 4 Dead and enter a game. It should be yellow/blue 3D.

One final bit, the drivers support more than just Left 4 Dead. here's a full list of supported games.

to remove the registry entries, run this registry file and then reinstall the 3d stereo drivers from nvidia. This will restore the default values.

a quick faq:

1. Why do those screenshots suck? The pics are taken from my cell phone, fraps doesn't capture the 3d drivers since they work outside the framebuffer.
2. Do you need a 120Hz monitor? No, you don't need any special monitor.
3. Do you need the 3D vision hardware? No, this is meant to work without the hardware.
4. Why do I need that reg hack? For starters, you don't have the 3d vision hardware. Without that, you can't access the stereo tab on the driver control panel.
5. What kind of glasses work? Only colored glasses work with this. I've set up reg files for yellow/blue, red/blue, and red/green. No, polarized glasses won't work. Those real3d glasses won't work.
6. What Operating systems will work? Vista 32 works. XP32 and Vista 64 might work if you read some of the comments from the original post on the main page, XP 64 probably won't work.
7. Where can I get 3d Glasses? Right Here.
8. Will this work with ATI cards? Right now, this is only for the Nvidia cards. If you want something for ATI, try the IZ3D Drivers
Go to orig article for links and screen shots