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L4D2 Crashes my router

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So...this ones got my scratching my head.

When I try to join a game in l4d2, my router resets. Takes about 3 minutes to get back online again. Weird thing is, after doing it once or twice, I can play the game for hours online without any trouble.

Anyone know why it does this and how I could fix it?

Im using a BThomehub v1.0

Also, it happens on l4d1 but no other games I've tried

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Update the router firmware. There should be a download for it, as well as instructions for how to do it on the manufacturer's website.
I think bthomehub automatically updates firmware. Anyway, I've just tried a bthomehub v1.5 and its having the same problems. Any other ideas?
Lol that's always a last resort. Although in the past it's been like talking to a brick wall.
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