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(fluff)Hi, i've been a happy user of my dfi motherboard ever since i've had it, but tonight i ran into some big problems. Tonight i got a 3200+ from a friend and went to upgrade to it from my 2200+. Did everything then booted up and immediately turned off, i knoew from experience this meant improper heat sink seating, so i removed it and redid the as5 and yadaa...
(good stuff)Then tunred it on and nothing happened. Looked and all my diagnostic lights were red, usually a good thing. Reset it then i noticed all lights were red from push of the power button. Not a good/normal thing. This is all happening w. my profile rig btw. I tried Everything. I used both the 3200+ and the 2200+. Different power supply antec (380w true power). different video card (ati radeon 9800pro) and rearranged all memory into different slots and just 1 module at a time. Fearing a short i completely removed the mobo from case and laid it on carpet floor and it does the exact same thing. I have no clue where to go from here... any info woul be great and more than appreciated. Thanks in advace you guys.
Some other factoids:
activity light for network goes on
no video output at all
hard drive lights up and stays lit
Keyboard show sign of life
Thanks again.
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