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Lapping 13700KF + Questions about RAM OC

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At first I want to apologize for my English.

MOBO : Gigabyte Z690 Gaming x
RAM : Patriot B die [email protected]
Cooler: MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R V2

Long story short: Few days ago I lapped my 13700KF, also I swept Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut to Conductonaut

Before lapping CPU worked in Gear 1 mode with memory set to 4300mHz CR1 CL17
V_DRAM - 1.45V
it wasn’t final yet, but no errors in Prine95 with Smallest FFT + MemTest64

After lapping: The same memory settings had errors in Prime95, but no errors at MemTest64, but what I find out when I set BCLK to 99.99 + VDDQ CPU to 1.015V its working fine, when I set BCLK again to 100mHz it don’t pass even MemTest64.

I tried to use different force but when I loose screws results are the same, when I used too much force I got BSOD instant on Prime95 Test.

Default XMP 4400 CL19-19-19-39 1.45V CR2 also have errors in Prime95
SA. Voltage doesn’t improve stability it Works on 1.32 and 1.4 the same.
I saw it’s now all about VDDQ CPU

For interested people temperatures drop down from 92-89 to 80-76 in Cinebench at 250W
Prime95 from 100C degree at 280W to 86C
Now Prime works in AVX2 at 5400MHz at 320W without UV. Cooler hits 100C at 330W.

Do you have any idea if it’s normal results or maybe I done something wrong?

One more question: Will delid further improve temperatures?
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I think the grizzly frame is just picky about exact amount of force, probably why you are having memory issues.
Maybe try stock frame to see if stability returns.

Also delid may get 3-5c, probably not worth it.

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Does the liquid metal stay in place between the CPU and the heatsink, there's no leak down?

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Does the liquid metal stay in place between the CPU and the heatsink, there's no leak down?
If you 'painted' it on both surfaces, heatsink and cpu, it should stay bonded together. But there's always a slim chance it can slowly leak down over time.

Always a good idea to apply kapton tape or something as a barrier just in case it were do go somewhere it shouldn't.
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