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Lapping: 400 and 600 grit enough

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I keep seeing mixed opinions. I have wet/dry 400 and 600 grit sandpaper. A lot of people say lapping beyond 600 is a waste of time. Does anyone know for sure if that's true?
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Personally, I'd go up to at least 800 to 1000. 600 still leaves some pretty big scratches.
I orgininally did my CPU and TRUE with 600. No difference going up to 35 micron.
600, especially wet, will be sufficent.
More is always OK it may not be needed but wont be hurt.

If any understood what thermal paste does anyway of course 600 vs 800 does not matter. As a matter of fact 400 vs 600 makes no difference. Just make sure flat.
I would go from 400 all the way to at least 1000 grit. I did, my temps are pretty good now.
The higher grits are just to give it a good shine, the lower ones like 400 and 600 will make it flat.
If you lap with 600 grit long enough, it will break down into higher grit.
Anything over 800 is for show a tell. But going to 400/600/800 should yield great results when you take your time and do it right.
I would probly go one step above 600. I bought 3 grits, 400-800-1000 bc walmart is ****ty for the wet sandpaper. Going from 800 to 100 just added a bit of shine. i think 800 will make it plently flat.
imma try lapping too..on my opty 165 and hopefully..i wont fork it up... sigh*
600 is fine, but if you're going to take the time to lap your CPU/HS, don't you want to show the shine off?
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Originally Posted by elito
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imma try lapping too..on my opty 165 and hopefully..i wont fork it up... sigh*

I'm about to try lapping my AMD Athalon 3200+, no longer under any sort of warranty so I got nothing to lose really.
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