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laptop battery life

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I bought myself this Acer Aspire 6530 for Xmas and glad I did. It provides me with some entertainment while I recuperate with this broken leg. My question is this, is it bad to not use battery power very often, it is plugged in 99% of the time. Will that shorten the batterys life? I know they are expensive so I don't want to have to buy one in case I do have to rely on it.
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lokster and Acreo have it correct. Guttboy has a good link.

Li-Ion batts do not suffer "memory effect" so it is OK to do a partial discharge. There are safety circuits that prevent a full discharge. Other than long term storage you cannot do a full discharge that will damage your batt. Heat is your main enemy for your batts life. So keeping in does theoretically shorten it's life. I like you have mine plugged in 90% of the time and don't worry about it. Here is a link that has more than you ever wanted to know about batts, link.
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