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Laptop battery

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Hey all,

Is there any other reliable place to buy a replacement battery for a gateway, other than the manufacturer??

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Not sure if they have a gateway battery, but there were numerous battery replacements at Circuit City (circuitcity.com), I saw them in the store in Michigan and have upgrades too.
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Just go to e-bay they will have it.

You can check stores, but most won't sell anything power related because idiots break their computer putting in the wrong part, then try to hold the selling store responsible. Shame how one idiot can ruin it for the rest of us who know what we are doing
search google for it then go to the more tab up top and choose products.

I've bought the last 3 batteries here. Always cheap and good shipping. They even have some batteries for laptops discontinued late 90's stuff. Batteries work great too. Just remember to fully charge the battery then empty it fully then recharge and you'll be a happy camper. Drain the battery totally and recharge it at least once a month.
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