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Laptop boot problem - Help

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My friend has got a problem with his laptop it wont boot into windows in normal or safe mode. He gets a BSOD unmountable boot volume 0x00000ED.

So i thought it would be a quick boot from XP disk and repair the boot sector/mgr from the command prompt/repair console. Only problem is that the repair console isn't detecting his C:\\WINDOWS partition, all i get is just E:\\MININT which is his backup partition. Strange...

Any ideas ???

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Originally Posted by wiggy2k7
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He gets a BSOD unmountable boot volume 0x00000ED.

Firstly, unplug the laptop, take out the battery, and ground yourself. Re-seat the RAM and then unplug the HDD and re-plug it. Then put the battery back on and boot it up.

See if it'll boot into Windows or Safe Mode now.

Reformatting is your next option. If still no go, then more than likely the HDD has failed. Time for a new HDD.
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