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Laptop Bottom Fans?

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What is your opinion are they of any use? I am referring to these table fans that have a surface that the laptop sits on and blow a fan from beneath that connects to the USB for power. I just got a brand new 17" Laptop, and I'm considering buying one if it will be of any use. What do you guys reckon?
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ive never had an issue with laptop temps, what surface do you use the laptop on?
Whatever it may be. It could be a desk, it could sit on my laps, it could be on my matress on my bed (I think that is whats worse). But since its a higher-end model it could have problems with heating. It uses a GT-555m GPU.
I've found they definitely keep a laptop quite a bit cooler, its a good investment considering they are usually cheap enough
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I have also wondered about this in the past, having seen so many laptops with heat issues!!! They (heat related issues) seem inevitable, which is ridiculous when you pay so much for some of these systems.
I have a $20 Zalman laptop pad. Perfect for my actual lap.
Are there any specifications or criteria when choosing one of these things?Like fan airflow, quality of the surface, power consumption etc? I have a 17" Laptop. Which one should i buy?
Not really, most will specify what screen size they support up to. Off the top of my head, coolermaster have a good one, as do Zalman
I took a look at the Zalman site earlier. Apparetnyl they have 3 models. NC1000/2000/3000. The latest and more complete seems to be 3000 but looking I got confused. It has one(?) Sleeve bearing at operating at low RPM (620-720), while the 2 previous models have 2 centrifugal FDB fans (?mm) at 1100-1500RPMs. Of course they're going to make more noise but arent they going to provide better airflow? Also is sleeve bearing better than FDB?



I also found these link that picks Logitech as best pad, for some concept that incorporates speaker as well. Looks comfy but what the hell do the speakers have to do with anything?


I also found a similar logitech product with no speakers included but i wonder if it is going to perform the same way, or if they've changed other things as well. It is the Lapdesk N500.

Coolermaster seems to have many, but i dont know what to look for them.

I dont know if other respect brands build such components, or if some other respectable component exists in this section.

In conclusion based from the google research i performed, it seems to be the Zalman NC3000 to be the best coolpad for hard surfaces (Desks, tables and such) but the Logitech may be comfier for sitting in your lap, and possibly on the Bed. If not for the latter i wonder what is the best way to sit the laptop in the Bed, without overheating.. Which is something that is very dangerous and has to happen often.

I also saw something about absorption pads on this link, but i dont know what the heck that is, and even if it gets any job done.

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Guys i stil cant get to decide. I'm mostly aiming at the Zalman NC-3000U but it seems TT Massive23 and Coolermaster U3, are good as well. Coolermaster allows you to polace fans whereever you deem fit, but apparently users say they stop function after some weks plus the rubber bands let the laptop slide...

I still dont know what to do...
I use the U3 and it's wonderful. However it doesn't do anything for your lap, if anything it's really uncomfortable. The fans can be moved around to cool separate parts of the machine and generally do pretty well as far as I can see. That and they can be powered by a USB slot.
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I got a Logitech ($5 cheap!!!) and I use it quite a lot during warmer months. During winter time, the ambient air is usually cool enough not to need extra air cooling.

Your laptop obviously needs vent slots on the bottom to get the most benefit of laptop coolers. Otherwise you'd be just cooling the plastic shell and not much actual cooling of laptop's internal.
Guys i just got the Zalman NC-3000U which was the most expensive i could get and the best rated be many reviewes but my results seem crappy.

Do you notice any improvements over the stock cooling? Cause i think i just wasted 50 Euros.

EDIT: Y-Axis is Temps in Celsius, and X-Axis is Time elapsed in seconds. I just run a log for idle for about an hour, and then stress tested for 10-15minutes with prime95 64bit.

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For laptop coolers, CFM, fan size, and in respect to where the location of your CPU is then it might help.

Only reason why I have a Laptop Cooler is when overclocking it helps a bit in reducing temperatures.


I have that. Has a giant fan, with a nice switchable Blue LED, also has a USB Port so you don't lose any USB ports.
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