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Laptop hard drive doesn't get read on POST boot

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Alright, so I was using my laptop yesterday, everything was working fine. I let the power drain and it went into hibernation mode. Well, this morning, I plugged it in to the Power Adapter, and low and behold, I get presented with a black screen. With a white cursor blinking and the HDD Light has no activity.

I am stuck, I don't know what could have caused the problem. I was using a partition manager, but I did nothing to the main hard drive in the laptop, so I don't think that could have been it.

I would like to NOT format, as I have a lot of stuff on there I can't loose.
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And you're saying that the BIOS doesn't detect the hard-drive either? You try removing the HDD and re-seating it?
Thats quite odd, things I would do in order are.

-Make sure HD is secure in its bracket in the laptop
-Check to see if its visible in BIOS
-Assuming its visible in BIOS I would run the Ultimate Boot CD and check to make sure that the MBR and file system is intact. (Go into UBCD, run linux parted magic and run the hard drive Diagnostic programs)
-Another option would be to try the Super Grub Boot Disc, which I have had success in using it to repair the MBR.
-If you cannot repair the disc to bootable order and the file system is intact I would suggest transfering the files over to some other media.
-If the file system is not intact then you can try to run photorec, (a program in parted magic) photorec will search your drive for the raw files, ignoring the file system. It may not recover all but it has worked for me.

Let me know if anything needs clarifying.
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The BIOS does detect the Hard Drive. If I try to boot straight to the Hard Drive, it does the same thing as mentioned in the OP.

I will see if my "special" boot cd works, and I will check it. I wonder if I can just use a Windows 7 disc to repair it. I am getting a bit tired of this laptop. It just causes so many problems.

I am using TestDisk right now, it shows both the partitions are still intact, I also tried doing a Startup Repair and System Restore from the Windows Installation Disc, neither of those worked. I will see what happens when TestDisk is finished.

Alright, well, Klue22, I sorta did a bit of a variant of your directions.

The file system was still intact, because the Installation disc could still see the OS. I used TestDisk, created a fake MBR, then put the Windows Installation Disc in and did Startup Repair. It found issues with the MBR, and repaired them. Now it boots. Thanks guys.

Also, TestDisk is an open source program.
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Congratz! glad you got it working!
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