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Laptop HDD suggestion

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Well, I'm looking to get a new laptop HDD, which is something I have no experience with. I'm a firm believer in Seagate for desktop drives, but I have heard that the Seagate laptop line is quite noisy. One of the key elements of this laptop is that it isn't noisy. Also, I'll be popping the HDD I take out of the laptop into an external enclosure, anyone have any suggestions on one of those too?

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Fujitsus are quiet little HDDs for the laptops. I have one in mine and I can't hear it when its seeking! It was at a good price too.
Look into Western Digital aswel..You can rarely go wrong with them.
I just installed the following WD into a friend's laptop and its doing quite well:

WD 120 gig $90
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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