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Laptop overheat

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So i have a slight problem with regarding my laptop. Its not overheating but i do want it to overheat so that damage is done, but there is a big problem and that is that the laptop has the temp auto off thing and i can't turn it off. Checked the bios and there is not anything there. I got a Gateway MX7515 lappy.

Need to damage it so that it doesn't void the warranty.
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why would you want to damage a laptop? If you really want to, just cover the fan ports, run TAT, and set it to 100% work load. Hopefully it will kill it before the comp shuts itself off.
I'm pretty sure that any kind of advice you would get from this thread would be against the TOS.
If you need a new laptop, save money and buy one.
That and put it in the oven at the lowest setting........for the love of God i cannot figure out why you want to destroy your craptop though
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get a cool pad. theres fans to blow away the hot air from the laptop.

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get a cool pad. theres fans to blow away the hot air from the laptop.
That would have the opposite effect of what the poster is intending.
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i need to return it to futureshop to get a new one since my extended warranty is almost up. They will replace my lappy as long as i do not void my warranty (i.e. opening it up, broken lcd screen, water damage)

Overheating and hardware failure is the only way. But im only tryin to overheat just to make some hardware fail inside of it.
Step 1: Save money
Step 2: Buy a new one

People like you make hardware prices go up because companies have to factor in theft (and that's what you are trying to do, deceive and steal from a company) when they set their prices.
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