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Laptop plus backpack plus books?

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how do you protect your laptop in you bag? do those little slide over covers actually do anything? im becoming pretty paranoid about it now that i carry it everyday... mainly just incase the screen cracks. best way to protect?
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Originally Posted by Demented
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Buy a specifically designed laptop backpack. Targus makes some awesome ones. I got this one and I couldn't be happier. I don't go to college or anything, but there is a nice padded section for the laptop, and plenty of other compartments for anything else you may need.

It's roomy, strong, and nicely adjustable. You can also probably find them a bit cheaper at http://www.walmart.com.

That's what I did!

I have that exact one, and I think it's great. I was worried that when carrying a lot of stuff around in the bag with it on your back, the weight is against the laptop--but it's quite well padded. I've dropped the backpack full of heavy stuff a few times, and my lappy is still perfect (other than regular use, lol). I would also recommend it, though look for it online--store prices are awful sometimes. I got mine at a store on a good sale. Keep your eye out.
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