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I have a old OGIO Friction backpack (2.5 years) that I use in addition to the neoprene sleeve that came with my 1000HE.

There's a nice padded inner compartment for notebooks up to 15.4" (even has a nylon/velcro strap to secure the notebook in place). The only thing I find it lacks is a bit more room in the main compartment and cushion/padding on the bottom of the bag.

Otherwise, it has a very nice inner lining that makes the whole bag very water resistant. I've used it in several heavy rains with an umbrella most of the time. I've only had one worry where the inner lining felt wet one time where I was caught in a heavy thunderstorm without an umbrella.

Overall a very sturdy and rugged bag. Lives up to the OGIO name (started out as a specialty brand for winter athletes).
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