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Laptop RAM, hard drive, CPU

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Hey OCN,

Just wanted to see how much I could get for selling off my un-wanted hardware.

Laptop RAM:
  • 256MB SODIMM (1x 256MB stick) (PC2-4200S) Nanya (NT256T64UH4A0FN-37B), Used and working, great condition (shiny etc).
  • Samsung M470T2953EZ3-CE6 0716 (2x 1GB sticks) PC2-5300S, Used and working (good condition).
  • Aeneon AET660SD00-30DB97X (2x 512MB sticks) PC2-5300S, Used and good condition but cannot guarantee working, unable to test in laptop.
Laptop Hard drive:
  • Western Digital WD400 Scorpio EIDE [WD400VE], "Date: 14 OCT 2005", Used and good condition, again, cannnot guarantee working.
How much could I get for the hardware?

Thanks, Dan
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I would say freebie the RAM and the HD. The CPU I don't really know.
CPU, I'd buy for $30 shipped if I wanted to upgrade a netbook or something.

EDIT: It's a netburst celeron... don't bother.
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Thanks for the appraisals, any more?
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