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Laptop Screen Issue. Please Help!!

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Hey Everyone.

I have a Dell Vostro 1400 Laptop. It has never been dropped and it handles very well. I was using it the other day and all of a sudden the screen went black. I shut it down and turned it on and I can just very barely if I look really hard. I connected it to my external monitor and it still works perfectly fine. So Obviously I cant use this in class because I cant see the screen at all. It is extremely dim and I can barely see some icons in the background. Does anyone know where I can go locally or online to fix this as soon as possible.It is out of Dells warranty so of course they wont touch it now. Thanks.

Chris Roberts
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It sounds like your "LCD Inverter" went bad. They are cheap to replace.

You can download the "service manual" that will show you how to take apart your laptop's display from support.dell.com
the inverter or the cathodes in it have gone west the easiest way would be to look around on ebay there is a mile of laptop spares there or some of the laptop parts supply houses and see if you can get another inverter or a complete lid (that way you get the screen as well as the inverter) and the manual is easy to get you can download that
Dim screen is either the inverter or backlight, but my money is on the inverter.

www.invertercentral.com - awesome group of people to work with. Type in your model and the correct inverter should be tagged to it. Replacement is easy:

1) Unscrew the plastic cover to your monitor
2) Pull plastic cover off (don't be afraid to use a screwdriver for leverage)
3) Bottom center of the screen frame is where your inverter will be. Disconnect on both sides, unscrew and replace.
4) Power on the laptop to make sure it works
5) Reassemble.

Shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes.
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