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HP Pavilion dv6000 Entertainment PC

A friend had issues with the hard drive in this computer. i replaced it and after installing windows it was all good. today i turned it on and wifi will not connect or detect it. the last thing that i had done was install nVidia Drivers its was an AIO package. Video, wireless, and something else. but after the restart the wireless card stopped working.
any suggestions?

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Well I don't think that what I'll tell you here is the same problem you encounter, but the other day my sis got a new HDD in her laptop and after they re-installed the OS they had a hard time getting the wifi to connect.

The problem was that the card had been desactivated with the keyboard.

I was like, try pressing somekind of a function key (on mine its the key "Fn") + one of the F-key

So she pressed Fn + F8, and it came back to life.

Give it a shot!
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