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A few days ago my laptop was running and it looked like it started to artifact, i restarted the system and it went into windows fine but then my screen went all wack with a bunch of lines going across it with odd colors. I tried restarting again and i could hear it loading but my screen was black. I went into safe mode and I was able to see the screen. After doing some research they suggested trying to boot in low res mode and readjust the video settings. I tried that but my screen was still black. After a few attempts eventually my system would no longer post. It turns on but nothing happens.

Any ideas of what may be going on? Or maybe suggestions on how i can troubleshoot it to figure out the problem.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1420, T8300 2.4ghz, 3gb ram, 250gb hd, nvidia 8400m gs.
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